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She’s So Beautiful


She is beautiful person

She’s always be her self

When I went to meet her she always show the interest to see me and being so nice with me.

She’s so smart until I want to hear every single word from her mouth. I’ve seen her from 1st semester. The silent one but yet with cheerful attitude but I’m not meeting her as in face to face so that I don’t have any opportunity to talk with her.

God works in different way

Yep…God made me to meet her later. After meeting her I knew she is far more interesting than what I thought. It’s not that I‘m not interested to talk to her but ya.. I’m kind a nervous when she is beside me and very closely, my heart is jumping around and my brain telling me “hey that’s the girl you have always seen at ‘koko’ right?”. You know the feelings when you meet your crush? There’s butterflies in stomach. The funny part is I’m still feels the same until now.

Everytime when I meet her it still feels like I just meet her yesterday.

To be with her honestly is a gift from God and it’s an opportunity to know more about her. Month by month until year by year until now.

She’s so Strong and Calm

There’s one time I strongly remember when the time her parents getting divorce. I don’t know where she got all the strength to be so calm to handle this matters but what I know I won’t leave her alone and I will stay by her side. You are so strong and I am so proud of you.

She’s so Beautiful in Thousand Ways

She’s happened to be morning person. It so much like a daisycheerful and fresh in the morning. But..but she will go lazy around in her bed, read some book and other things but yet she won’t get out from her comfort zone (with closing eyes and bubbly face).

The Soft Part in her

She will called and talk to me on the phone just to hear my voices and later she will come to meet me as soon she can move out her ass from the bed.

Nothing Can Beat that Cute Tummy

Well she really needs her breakfast more whe she craving on something (There’s one time We even chase the breakfast menu’s because she craves so much for apple pie at Melaka Sentral)

I missed  to have that day went to breakfast with her again like before. Meeting me with sleepy face, “sometimes so lazy to get bath”  (but she smells just like a babies) I swear. It’s so sweet and lovable smells. With a cute face can’t wait wanting to know about my morning. Her eyes so big and shines like she can’t wait to craft my smiles She let her self entering my world.

Usually she will ordered ‘mee mamak basah‘ and not so ‘pedas‘ and ‘milo ais’. We even shares the portion actually.

She’s so Beautifully in her world and cannot been seen by eyes 

Somehow I like to watch her when she’s doing her work. She’s totally be in her world. Focus and dedicated. I know I can’t help much but she always wanted me to be there (same as me I always wanting her to be at my side when I’m doing my work) . There you go, I can see her forehead start to wrinkle when she facing hard task. Her hand start writing automatically like she‘s paintings the rainbow and writes some long poetry. Sometimes she will ‘kopek’ her thin lip skin. I don’t know what moves her so much and I start smiling to watch her actions. When she’s done using full energy with her brains she need some rest, and guess what? She will sleep at current place where she’s doing her work. So calm and peacefully.

You should’ve seen already why she is so beautiful.

When there were night that is when she stop the fights. She’s back on her comfort zone again to do anything she loves. Either reading a book (nothing can’t stop her for loving the books), playing video games, or just resting her body. She’s so comfortable until she can go for a long night to talk with me. She being silly cuteness being her self backsleepy and ‘mamai‘, no worried about anything else like the world are not exist and she even use the last energy she have to end the day with me. It just her and me. I start listen to her breathing closely. It sounds like some beautiful song telling me the stories about her day. Her peaceful and comfort make the night calm. Make me smiles and comforting me. It sounds silly right? But ya I’m falling into her world.

She’s always be her self that is what beautifully  about her

More longer I know her the more beautiful thing about her I can see. I want to know more bout her. I won’t stop her doing what she loved. I will let her flies to the world she wanted to be. I’ll fly with her if she want me to. I’ll help her flies even at more higher place than what she can reach.

I’m sorry if I ever happen to make this beautiful person having a bad day or sad. I want to be the reasons why you are smiling and happy.

“God works in different ways” – Juragas

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